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Help for Allergies

My oldest son began suffering with allergies when he was about four years old. At first we didn’t know what was causing his frequent difficulties with breathing. We tried air humidifiers, sinus medication and home Nebulizer therapy, but nothing worked. Finally, his pediatrician referred us to an allergist who told us after a battery of test, that my son had allergies. He is specifically allergic to dust, mold, weeds, grass and pollen.

We thought he would have to live in a bubble. But with the help of weekly allergy shots and a change in lifestyle he is able to breath freely like any little boy you know. Some changes we have made have been to try and eliminate things that cause him to have an allergic reaction. I only wear perfume on Sunday’s. We have devised a cleaning schedule that allows us to stay on top of the dust build up and I have forgone using commercial cleaning products. These are just a few of the things that irritate his sinuses.

I thought that his childhood would suffer when I got the prognosis, but with a little bit of changes and lots of prayer he has gone three years without needing hospitalization for his allergies.

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