In My Garden: July 2009

I am sharing images from the flower bed near my backdoor. This is a new flower bed that is only a few months old. The clay pots hold (1) Tomato plant and about (13) Dahlia’s.

These are delicate petals from my beautiful Pink Phlox. These are great for pressed flowers.

Look at the size of this Basil in the next two shots…HUGE!

Below are photo’s of my prized Lantana.


  1. ~ Angi :) says

    Oh, the garden is shaping up so beautifully, Hadias!! I am in awe of the vibrant life that blooms under your watchful eye. Truly the Lord has blessed you in this area!


  2. Kelli says

    Your flowers are so pretty and the basil is huge! Do you make pesto? I’m going to make a batch in the next few weeks!


  3. Anonymous says

    Really gorgeous!….don’t you just love to look out on that little patch of flowers each day? I’ll bet it gives you so much pleasure. :o)



  4. Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme says

    What a beautiful garden tour :)…I can’t believe how huge your basil is! Thank you for sharing your wonderful flowers :).

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi 🙂


  5. Hootin' Anni says

    I haven’t ever seen such a vivid beautiful firey red lantana like this!! Ours is pink/yellow variegated. And the basil? Wow, you have a great knowledge of gardening.

    My show n tell isn’t what I had planned to do this week, the hurricane Dolly prevented me to have much online time this week since the time I did have was updating on the storm coming through our area. Next week, I hope to have my ‘tears’ show n tell. This week, I opted with photos I had on the computer already – bric a brac in our master bath. Come by if you can. I’d love a visit from you…and, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.


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