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Letting Him Lead

As a full time wife and mother at home you may handle a large part, if not all, of the scheduling of your families daily activities.

Planning and organizing are skills that may come naturally to you. They are skills that have probably allowed you to be a blessing and valuable asset to your husband and family.

At the same time the things that are a blessing can also become a curse if abused. In pursuit of keeping things organized you may be putting an unnecessary strain on yourself, your husband and your children.

You may have become so accustomed to scheduling that you have everyday of the week scheduled. You may have an set expectation of how each day should run and this works probably works fine for when just you and the children are home, but does it work well when husband is home?

If not, maybe hubby has a different expectation for the day than you do. If you have never given him the space to guide the day when he is home he may be feeling frustrated.

Our natural desire to lead can sometimes cause us to do more than what is necessary. When hubby is at home allow him to takeover the reins. Use this time to sit back, relax and follow his lead.

Learn from him. Observe how he handles discipline, bedtimes, sibling squabbles and stress. Watching him interact with and lead the family can be a source of relaxation and restoration for you. It can also equip you with alternative methods for caring for the home and the children when he is away at work.

We can easily be tempted to succumb to our desire to be in control. This lust for control can rob us of our joy and our peace.

Instead of allowing our husbands to lead the family when he is home we run around trying to attend to every matter as if he weren’t there. Let us humble ourselves as we watch in admiration as our husbands lead the family.

Rejoice and use this time to restore yourself and to enjoy watching him lead.

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4 thoughts on “Letting Him Lead

  1. cindy stein says:

    Is this for real ? I must be from another planet,because my home does not function like this at all.No disrespect intended. Theres just so many disfunctions in our family.


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