My Week at a Glance

Today is my son’s 8th birthday. We have a specialdinner planned for him along with a suprise. I will spend the morning at the opthamologist with my children. It’s time to get those eyes checked efore school resumes. I’m pretty sure that I will have three children wearing eyeglasses this year versus one. Enjoy your day. I will be back tomorrow with a great post encouraging you in your role this week as a homemaker.

1.) Bible Study: Memory Verse Psalm 19:14

· Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer

· Continue reading the book of Romans

2.) “MUST Do” List:

*Let God prioritize my days

*Begin crocheting another dishcloth

*Eyeglass appointment for the two youngest children (Monday)

*Laundry: washing, drying, folding, ironing, putting away.

*Celebrate my son’s 8th birthday (Monday)

*Call my Mother in Love to decide on when the children will go and spend the week with her. (Monday)

*Ask God to direct my time on the computer this week

*Work on scrapbook journal

*Keep gardens watered

3.) Taking Care of My Home:

*Complete daily and weekly chores listed below.

Monday – Eye Doctor, wash towels, water gardens

Tuesday – Take all trash outside for pick-up, clean all bathrooms, and complete one quarterly task.

Wednesday – Bring all trash receptacles to the back of the house, vacuum and complete one quarterly task.

Thursday – Sweep all floors, dust one room, and complete one quarterly task.

Friday – Clean all tubs and showers. Complete one quarterly task. Wash all sheets sets, air out mattresses and remake beds.

Saturday – Relaxation

4.) Training My Children:

* Character word of the week: Selflessness

*Reading from the book of Proverbs to learn how God discerns between wisdom and foolishness.

5.) Menu Plan Monday

*Monday- Homemade Pizza with cheesy breadsticks

*Tuesday- Baked Spaghetti with garlic bread

*Wednesday – Roasted Sticky Chicken, steamed rice and pinto beans

*Thursday – Enchilladas and Spanish Rice

*Friday – Meatloaf with rice, gravy and green beans

*Saturday – Jerk Chicken, rice and kidney beans and cabbage

*Sunday – Soft tacos with rice and black beans

· Monday- Raisin Bran
· Tuesday- Biscuits with sausage gravy
· Wednesday- Pancakes with syrup
· Thursday- Biscuits with jam and butter
· Friday- Kelli’s Fruit Filled Oatmeal Bars
· Saturday- Pancakes with sausage
· Sunday- Raisin Bran

· Monday- Hard Boiled eggs with apple sauce
· Tuesday- Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches
· Wednesday- Pastrami Sandwiches
· Thursday- Pastrami loaf
· Friday- Breadsticks Applesauce ice pops
· Saturday- Homemade Pretzels & mustard
· Sunday- Spanish rice and leftover jerk chicken, beans, rice and cabbage

Monday Meanderings is hosted by Tiany and Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura. Thanks ladies!

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