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Personal & Business Checks for Payments

One of my To-Do’s for today was re-calculating our budget and paying bills. I ran into a problem when my husband called me frantically to say that I needed to transfer some funds into another account. It appears we had some miscommunication that could have cost us in bank fees had we not realized our error. I paid a bill over the phone by automatic funds transfer but hubby had not deposited the funds into the account that I used. He had actually deposited them into his Gas account since that was the only account number he knew by heart.

It was an honest mistake, but mistakes with banking and budgeting can get expensive. We have all of these conveniences such as on-line bill pay and automatic funds transfers but I tend to think that sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth.

I kinda like the old-fashioned way of paying everything with checks. I like to write out my checks so that I can double check for errors. Then have hubby re-check before I mail them off. It is just easier for me to keep track of. I have a stack of check that is hardly ever used. I ordered them from an independent company not affiliated with my bank, just because they were cheaper. One of the companies that I highly recommend for ordering personal or business checks is Vistaprint. They are offering 25% off on your order if you use this code Checks25.

After today’s fiasco I am considering going back to writing more checks and leaving the automated stuff to someone else.

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