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Satisfied at Home

I spent some time this weekend clipping images for my journal. All of them came from the latest Brecks catalog. My six year old daughter decided that she wanted some images for her journal as well so we clipped and we pasted until we were satisfied. One of the images that I had chosen for today’s journal page was of the ‘Satisfaction‘ Lily shown below.

It got me to thinking on the subject of being satisfied. Some synonyms for the word are, enjoyment, pleasure or comfort. One definition of satisfaction is the state of being content. Another is the confident acceptance of something as satisfactory, dependable or true.

Apply this word to the things that you spend your days doing, does it accurately describe you? When reflecting on your daily endeavors and the things that you have devote your time to, do they stir up enjoyment and pleasure?

For me they do. I have become satisfied with the people and the things that I devote my days to. I have been convinced that the life that I have is the best life for me. It is only when we become confident that what we are doing is what is best for us, that we will begin to be joyful in our roles as homemaker.

What is it that is keeping you from being satisfied? Are you looking at your role in a negative light? If so devote some time each day to reading every good thing that the Bible has to say about keepers of the home. Get some inspirational book that encourage you in being a homemaker. Surround yourself with people who look favorably upon the wife at home both through the internet on through face to face relationships.

Both women who work inside of the home and outside of the home are attracted to me. They all look favorably upon what I do. The reason I believe this to be so is because of how I feel about what I do. I am not ashamed, resentful or bitter regarding my decision to be at home. I am simply satisfied.

Take the steps to become satisfied today. I would love for you to share what helped you become satisfied with being a homemaker?

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2 thoughts on “Satisfied at Home

  1. Earthmommy says:

    These are wise words. I’ve been working on my own contentment as well and after reading your post and considering I realize that I do find a lot of satisfaction in my role as home maker, mother, teacher.


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