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I wish I had a green thumb. Maybe you could post some green thumb tips. Your garden looks beautiful.There is no one particular method that will work for everyone but I will share what has worked for me. Begin by asking yourself the following questions.


What types of annuals and perennial grow well in my area?

Began to observe the landscaping in your community to see what grows well. Also think about what types of plantings appealed to your taste. For instance do you like dramatic flowers such as Dahlia’s, Lillies and Jumbo Zinnia. Or do you you like plants that grow in mounds such as Lanatana and Candy Tuft.


Jumbo Zinnia

What type of soil and weather conditions do I have? clay, sand, rich soil, rocky, etc.


The reason why certain plants grow well in some places better then others is due to there hardiness. If you plan on growing Lantana under a shade tree, than they will probably die since they like direct sun/partial shade. Likewise, Hostas can hardly tolerate any direct sun without burning. So be sure to figure out the conditions of your garden prior to adding plants.

How much time/money do I have to invest?
For beginners I would suggest going to the local dollar tree and purchasing some bulbs to experiment with. Many bulbs such as Gladiolus, are easy to grow and don’t require much attention. In addition many varieties spread and can fill up a small flower garden in 2-3 years.

In addition a good investment would be to start flowers from seed. All it takes is a bag of soil and some recycled pots such as yogurt containers or egg cartons. Once the plant is strong enough it can be transplanted outdoors into the garden.

Why do I want to garden in the first place?



You must have a reason. One that will motivate you. So that when summer rolls around and it’s hot, and going outdoors to water and weed is not as much fun as it was in the Spring. My motivating reason is just a pure love for growing things and making our outdoor living space just as beautiful and inviting as our indoor one.

Mature Lantana


Once you have answered all of these questions begin looking for plants that bloom on the fall. Pick out a small space and begin adding to it each season. If you have a little bit of money but a lot of patience buy plants in their smaller stages of growth and let them mature in your landscape. Smaller plants are often less expensive then mature plants. Start some seeds in and empty egg carton. The 10 cent seed packets at Walmart will do fine. As they mature begin to set them outside for a few hours each day for about two weeks. Then transplant them into your flower bed.

More Hosta Varieties
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