What’s In Bloom:Cosmos

Today I am sharing pictures of a plant that I started from seed sown directly into the soil. I am so very proud of it’s progress since this is only my second year working on my flower beds. This particular plant has grown to over five feet tall. Wow. That’s as tall as me.

I never thought that I could enjoy flowers that grew to be eye level, but I love it. This is what I see when walking along the side of my home. This is in a flowerbed that I started this year. This bed is still a work in progress.

These flowers a so big and beautiful. I ‘ve read that Cosmos are annuals that will drop seed and spring up again next year. I’ve also learned that I can cut off the spent (gardeners jargon for dried) flower heads. After allowing them to dry for a few days I can then collect the seeds.

So these are annuals that possibly have perennial characteristics. I would love to grow them again. Cosmos are great flower to for any beginning gardener to grow. They grow in just about any soil and they love the sun. Cosmos don’t need a lot of water and they offer a thrifty way to increase your landscaping dollars since they re-seed.

Well that’s my show and tell for this week. Stop by Kelli‘s for more wonderful Show and Tell Friday posts.

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