Make a Crocheted Daisy Apron in 7 Days

(Daisy Apron instructions)

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  1. Love the picture and the project! Happy WW.


  2. Very pretty…very neatly done.

    Happy WW!

    P.S. I haven’t visited in a while. The site looks great!


  3. Maggie…I crocheted the all the parts (top Bib and lower half) then crochted both part together.

    I dod however sew on the daisy and the neck ties.

    Thank you for visitng.


  4. neat. That’s pretty good. did you sew it?


  5. That is so beautiful, and quite unique. Happy Wordless Wednesday to you


  6. Very beautiful and very original. First time to see a crocheted apron. It must be tedious.


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