An Eventful Day

My 6 year old was left at school this afternoon and my 8 year old came home crying.

My 6 year old and 8 year old ride the bus home together in the afternoons. My 8 year old looks for his sister on the bus every afternoon. This afternoon he did not see her. He told the bus driver that she was supposed to be on the bus but the driver left the school without her.

My 8 year old came off of the bus visibly shaken because he didn’t know where his sister was. I went to the bus driver who had parked the bus in front of my home and asked her where my 6 year old was. She said that she did not know.

I immediately called the school but only got the answering machine. I threw on my tennis shoes and fled the house. (without my house keys might I add)

On the way there, the school secretary called to say that my 6year old was waiting in the office.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon, locked out of my house with my children and my brother who is here from out of town. I talked to my daughters teacher who said this, “I told the children that I would no longer be escorting them to bus or car rider line. I told them that they are old enough and would have to find it on their own.” She also told me that,“it is the child’s responsibility to get from the classroom to the correct area (outside of the school) to wait for the bus.”

I was also told by the dispatcher at the bus depot that,”the drivers are not obligated to radio anyone when notified that a child is missing from the bus.” She stated that,”the driver could do so as a courtesy but are obligated to account for the children.”

Upon talking to the bus driver she confirmed that my son had indeed told her that his sister was not on the bus, but stated that she had gotten distracted which caused her to forget to follow up on the whereabouts of my 6 year old.

This is pitiful and unacceptable. I will be talking to the Principle and the Director of School Transportation on Tuesday morning. Something will change regarding accountability of the children when traveling to and from school on the bus.

The responses that I received indicated to me that no one wanted to take responsibility. Rather they chose to place the burden on the shoulders of a 6 year old.

I pray that you all have an enjoyable weekend. I will be spending mine with family and friends. Please be in prayer for me as I go and talk with the Principle and Bus Director on Tuesday. Pray that they see the importance of implementing a plan to become even more accountable for these children while they are in their care.

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