Day 2: New Schedule

This is more for me than it is for you. I need to make sure that I keep myself accountable to my new schedule. With just me and the little one at home the house is so quiet and all I feel the urge to do is sleep.

I get up at 6am to drive my children to school. Once I arrive home I start dinner, help my husband prepare for work and then begin my morning chores. I have gotten most of my to-do’s done, but to be sure that I complete the rest before the children arrive home I will post them here as a reminder.


*Start dinner:Nachos & Spanish rice
~brown ground turkey (done)
~shred cheese (done)
~chop bell peppers (done)

~wash white clothes (done)
~dry white clothes (done)
~fold/put away me & hubby’s clothes (done)

*Clean Bathrooms
~disinfect toilets (done)
~disinfect sinks (done)
~wipe mirrors (done)

*Grocery Shopping (done)
~put away groceries (done)

*Tidy Master Bedroom
~make bed (done)
~empty trash (done)
~pick up pajamas (done)

*Pre-K Homeschool
~Starfall worksheet letter A (done)
~Starfall short vowel A (on-line) (done)
~sorting, counting & grouping (clothes) (worked on connect the dots instead and practiced writing his name)

*Pick out next weeks school clothes
~at least 2 outfits today (done)

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  1. I’m so glad everything is going well for you and your family adjusting to school again! You are so organized, its amazing.


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