Ordinary Women

This blog has been a tool that has helped me to mature as a wife a mother and a Christian. Sharing my experiences has allowed me to in a way hold myself accountable to the words that I publish on this blog.

Reading the words that I write challenges me to look at myself and the role that I have chosen for my life in such a positive light. By being able to look at a months worth of published post and reflect on the things that I have been able to accomplish is an encouragement.

My words and your comments encourage me when I feel as though I cannot patiently referee one more children’s squabble. And when I can’t remember why I need to clean even the places that guests cannot see, like behind the fridge and under the couch. I am encouraged to move beyond what I think that I am incapable of when I read this blog.

I am not a super Christian, wife or mom. I am just an ordinary women who daily puts her faith in the Lord. He in turn takes that faith and causes me to do extraordinary things. Jesus Christ has done more with my life than I could ever dream possible.

Join me in the reading of the book Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper. Each week we will read about an ordinary women who has done some extraordinary things through faith in Christ Jesus. It’s not to late to join my reading club. We have just begun reading chapter 2 on Monday August 18th. Simply click here for The Wife at Home~Blogger Book Club.

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