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Kelli from There’s No Place Like Home asked her readers to blog about their paper crafts. I cannot create anything nearly as pretty as she can but, I’ve been learning alot from her tutorials. Kelli also hosts the Show & Tell Friday’s, meme that I participate in. She’s a great gal. Be sure to stop in and visit her.

A craft that I enjoy is clipping an pasting beautiful images into my daily journal.

I use this journal to jot down reminders, my “to-do”list, prayer request, the names of people that I am praying for and so much more. I remind myself of calls that need to be made and errands that need to be run.
This Orange Crowned Wabler was from a card that a friend sent to me. The image on the front was so beautiful that I wanted to preserve it in some way. Years from now I can look through my old journal and remember her.
During the spring and summer many of my notes pertain to what’s going on in my gardens.
I try to find pictures that inspire me. I love vibrant colors and seasonal images the most. In the winter I will be able to look back over the summer journal entries to find inspiration when planning next years gardens.

Anything goes in my journal. It’s my own place to create. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the tour of my scrapbook journal.
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20 thoughts on “Daily Scrapbook Journal

  1. Your journal reminds me of my time in missions school. We would write and decorate a notebook, and our small group leader would write back. I enjoyed that creative outlet and did it later with the girls in the church youth group.

    My journals now are not as pretty, but I am trying to add images here and there.


  2. I really loved your journal. They are very pretty.



  3. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Lovely! Thanks for posting this–the pictures really perked up my own day [I also overslept but we made it!] Also, I linked to your spicy chicken sandwich in my menu plan Monday! My son loved it but requested [as I did] EVEN more heat!!! lol…..


  4. Hello Hadias,
    I’ve seen lots of journals in mixed media and yours are just great. I think this is such a good way to do it. (A picture being worth 1,000 words, and all).
    I’m starting to get inspired in this direction. Thanks for sharing.


  5. the pleasures of homemaking says:

    I’ve always loved these types of journals but have never had the patience to actually do it. Yours is just beautiful!



  6. MyJourneyBack says:

    I love your journal ideas. This idea is new to me and I love it. I saw something similar some place else. I love to look at magazines and get ideas. And I hate to throw away my magazines. And so I have torn out things I like but they are in files. This is a wonderful idea and it is something that I think our kids and grandkids might enjoy. It would give them a great glimpse and what is really going on with us.
    Thanks for sharing this idea! I think I am off to go play around with it!
    I am planning on working with paper too and posting it with Kelli.
    She is so fun and has such great ideas too.
    Many Blessings,


  7. What an awesome journal, Hadias! I love the clippings you have used to embellish. I wish I had started journaling years ago. Lovely post…Kathy


  8. ivoryspring says:

    This is such a neat idea. I just transitioned from working full time to staying home. I used to keep detailed work journal for lab/research purposes. You have inspired me to start one for my ‘work’ at home!


  9. I love the journal. I really should keep one myself.

    Thanks fo stopping by my blog.



  10. Your journal pages are beautiful…very inspiring!


  11. Grandma Faith says:

    Your journal is impressive. Pasting pictures to go along with your entries is such a good idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. Take care.


  12. gardengirljo says:

    What a beautiful idea!!! How fun too! Thanks for sharing!


  13. ~ Angi :) says:

    Hadias, I am a journaler, and a scrapbooker . . .I had *never* considered melding the two into one. I LOVE your expression of these two hobbies.

    As others have said, I’m going to take a page out of your ‘book’!! What fun!! 🙂


  14. what a great idea! you’re very creative and i love the way the pages just flow so nicely.
    thanks for sharing!


  15. GritsGirl says:

    Wow this is Great!! I love this idea…. I hope you dont mind if I steal it and use it too. I would love to see more post of your “journal” entries form time to time!!


  16. Earthmommy says:

    I love your journal idea! This is one of many projects I would like to start.


  17. Wow! How great is that? I love this idea….might giove it a try myself!


  18. Keeping a journal like this is new to me… what a lovely idea and its agreat organising tool too. everything for that day is in there. I am going to bookmark your site and pop in for more of those good ideas!! I like those pics too. I’ve never seen a pretty bird like that before as we dont have them here…its amazing what we see thru the net and these blogs into the lives of others who dont live in the same country! its truly wonderful and I’m learning a lot! lovely post and thanks for stopping by my blog too.


  19. Anonymous says:

    I really love this idea. It’s a little bit of everything and will be a great momento of your life.


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