Garden News

Here’s what’s flourished in my garden during the month of August.

First up is a Lantana plant that I bought from a nursery. It has not grown as fast as the varieties that I purchased at Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart. This poor plant had turned brown and practically withered dry, but I kept on nursing it and this beauty is making a comeback.

Next up are my seed sown Zinnia. These are the first successful attempt at growing annuals. This plant has bloomed all Spring and Summer and should continue blooming throughout the Fall.

These are my jumbo Zinnias that I purchased from the same nursery that sold me the struggling Lantana above. I paid about .75 a pot for these. They have a bold color that I hope comes across in the pictures below. These make such an impact in my landscape that they will be repeated next Spring. I thought that I adored my smaller Zinnias, but these absolutely knock my socks off.
Lastly is a picture of my first Dahlia. I am not sure what color it will be when it blooms. I’ll bet that you can guess what color I am hoping for……That right PINK. My front and side flower beds are specially for pink blooms although I do have some pastel yellows in the Lantana and Zinnias.

I really hope that you have enjoyed the tour of my garden. I really love spending time planning and tending to my gardens. This part of my summer is dedicated to simply enjoying my gardens by journaling and photographing my flowers. Once the temperatures reach over 95 degrees I only water the gardens. Any additional plantings will be done in the Fall.