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Monday Outlook & Menu

Happy Monday everyone. I had a fantastic weekend spent in fellowship with friends and family. We’ve made some changes around the house this weekend. We’ve moved my daughter upstairs and my son downstairs. So now the two oldest are downstairs and the two youngest are upstairs.

Wheeew! what a task.

Well this week on the Menu is the following:My menu starts on Wednesday and ends the following Wednesday. Therefore this is the remainder of last weeks menu.

Monday~Jam filled Oatmeal Bars, Mac and Cheese, Fish,Baked Potato and corn nibblets
Tuesday~Raisin Bran, PB&J sandwiches, Sloppy Joe on Jumbo homemade biscuits with peas
Wednesday~Raisin Bran, Tuna w/cheese, Chicken potatoes & dumplings with rice and corn
Thursday~Grocery Shopping (TBA)

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