My washer has been on the fritz for about a year now. Something is wrong with the sensor that should tell the water to stop filling into the machine. If I don’t monitor the machine the water will continue to overfill the machine and flow right onto the floor. I have tried to leave the machine to do another task all the while planning to make it back to the laundry room in time. But I would be sadly disappointed upon return.

It would frustrate me to return to the laundry room to find that the water had overflowed while I was distracted in another area of the house. So not only did I have laundry to do that day, but I would also spend the next hour or so mopping up gallons of water. I have had to exercise a measure of patience in dealing with this situation. So what things can I do to solve this problem? This time waiting for the washer to fill is now spent tidying my laundry room which often gets neglected. Here is what I do while waiting for the…

Washing Machine to fill:

*Sweep the laundry room floor while waiting for the water to fill the machine.

*Wipe washer and dryer. Clean up any detergent spills. Wipe the bottoms of the laundry detergent containers.

*Fold the clothes in the dryer.

*Load the dryer

*Clean the lint trap

*Organize/Tidy the laundry room book shelf

*Use this time to gather items from the deep freezer that need to be transferred to the kitchen freezer.

*Sort dirty clothes

*Iron a clothing item such as hubby’s work pants or shirt

Dinner to cook:

*Wash the dishes

*Load the dishwasher

*Read (to myself or to the children)


*Sweep or mop the floor

*Organize a cabinet

*Wipe a shelf or two in the fridge

*Wipe out the microwave

*Mend something (socks, brassiere, shorts, etc.)

*Mix up and knead a batch of bread

While I am under the hooded hair dryer

*Mend something (socks, brassiere, shorts, etc.)



*Paint my nails or my children’s (toes and/or fingers)

*Dinner prep-peel potatoes, stalk corn etc.

I do not multi-task every time I engage in these home keeping task. Sometimes I just stare at the water as it fills and allow my mind to wander (which has caused me to actually allow the water to fill over while I was day dreaming).

In addition there are times when I do absolutely nothing while under the dryer. I simply allow the noise to drown out everyone around me. I mess around with the kids when I am under the dryer by acting like I cannot hear them. So, now when they come to talk to me they give me hand signal instead of actually trying to talk to me. But lets keep this secret between you and me.

Do you multitask? If so let me know what I have missed. Leave a comment sharing some of your methods.

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