Shhhh! One gift down 6 more to go.

Writing reviews pays off in more ways than one. Not only did I get paid to review this product…my post “Great gift Idea” was selected as one of the top 25 to be awarded a free product sample. I am so glad since I was planning on purchasing one for my husband anyway.

In my review of the Cabin Cuddler, I mentioned that I like that fact that it is so easy to store and transport. I am hoping that the Cabin Cuddler will replace the king sized blanket that always seems to find it’s way back onto the couch each night. My husband watches t.v. downstairs at night and say’s that he’s so cold. He moans about how his feet are cold, and how he needs heated pajamas and slippers when he’s downstairs. So, he pulls out this blanket…AND NEVER PUTS IT AWAY.

So, I end up folding and lugging this heavy blanket back upstairs. Then I have to get a chair to put it back on the top shelf where it belongs.It’s either that or get used to it beign on the couch.

But after this Christmas, hopefully…no more king sized blankets left on the couch for me.

I’m hoping that maybe he’ll even fold and putaway his Cabin Cuddler. Thank you Izea and the makers of the Cabin Cuddler.

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