Tackle it Tuesday: My Tuesday’s

I start my Tuesday morning chores with a load of laundry. On some Tuesday mornings, I surprise my children with a homemade breakfast. They usually eat at school but I’ve missed having breakfast with them since they started attending the public school. Just some grits and cheese cooked overnight in a crockpot .

After I drop the children off at school I get all of the breakfast dishes washed and set on a towel to air dry.

Sometimes the crockpot is a little stubborn and needs to sit and soak for awhile.

The table gets all cleaned and clear for lunch.

Now time to get back to laundry duties. Everything is washed, dried, folded, ironed and put away. It’s time to head outside with my toddler. The gardens need our attention.

We had a bountiful harvest. Plenty of basil to be rinsed and dehydrated for dried herbs. We use basil as the base of our homemade Italian seasoning. There was such an abundance that it all could not fit into my kitchen strainer, so I used my laundry basket.

My little helpers pull the leaves from the stems.

Then the basil goes into a warm oven to dry out.

Once every two months or so, I need to make more laundry soap. This time I will be making powdered detergent instead of liquid. I start with some Fels Naptha soap.

Finely shredded.

Add some Borax laundry soap and some washing soda.

Mix well and store in an airtight container.

Only one piece of cake left. Some homemade cornbread will be the perfect after school snack.
25 pounds of flour needs to be divided into jars.

Finally, I must begin working on my menu and grocery list for shopping day tomorrow.

Have a blessed day.