To-Do Lists

I for one am a big fan of to-do-lists. They help me to remain focused and give me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, when I see everything crossed off.

Each person has thier own method, but I’d like to share what works for me.


My to-do-list consists of household chores, kitchen prep/duties, and errands. I keep a seperate list for Homeschool and My Husband.

The first things that make the cut are the daily chores, such as mop and sweep all floors on Mondays.
Next are the Quartely chores, which is usually one task such as change AC filters.

Finally, I will add things that I see needs attention. This portion of the list is usually reserved for tasks that will accomplish a future goal. For example if it is Friday I’ll add something that pertains to preparing for church on Sunday such as washing and styling the girls hair or marinating the meat for Sunday dinner.

This helps to prevent me from being overloaded with work when Sunday arrives. Each I complete a task that will make my job easier in the future.

Here’s a look a typical to-do-list