Vegetable Gardening is on the Rise

I saw on Good Morning America, that 25% of americans have began growing their own vegetables over that last year. That’s up 15% from last year.

Many others had joined food co-ops and CSA’s to offset the rise in the cost to ship in veggies from outside of your local community.

Why does it take economic catastrophies to motivate people to do what they should be doing anyway? Buying locally, eating in season veggies, and using your land for something more than just a pretty plot to look are just a few of the things that would diminish our demand on the worlds resources. Not to mention our dependency on our natural resources.

I admonish you to think of one thing you could do today that could reduce your personal demand on the worlds resources. Whether it be recycling, planting a vegetable garden or declining the offer of a grocery bag the next time you purchse a small item from the store.