What would you choose…

Let’s say that you had to choose a form of plastic surgery what would you choose?


  1. Earthmommy says

    I’ve gotta go with everyone else here on the prepregnancy body improvements. I’d love a tummy tuck, some lipo and whatever it is they do for a saggy I-nursed-three-babies-into-toddlerhood chest : )

    Hadias, haven’t seen you at Shore’s End in a while. I sure do miss you!


  2. Regina says

    Well I can’t break rank! I agree with you guys. If I had the money I would get the belly fat sucked out! 5 kids, 1 C-section and old age has left this pouch that just wont quit!!


  3. Brenda Kula says

    Sounds like everyone wants to have pretty much the same thing as me. Have some of this fat from c-sections and age sucked out!


  4. Hadias says

    I would have lipo on my tummy. Just can’t get rid of the bulge left from 4 pregnancies including one c-section.

    Hubby said that if I committed to going to the gym for 1 year and it didn’t flatten out, that he would let me get it if we could ever afford it.

    Well I go to the gym and everything else tones except my stomach. It did flatten some though. So my choice would definitely be lipo suction.


  5. Christy says

    Oh girlfriend, there is no thinking required on this one. I would most definitely get a br*ast reduction and lift along with a tummy tuck to correct my 2 C-sections belly.

    In fact, when we become so rich we have nothing else to do with our money I’m SO having this done! Yep yep yep.


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