You Would Not Like Me When I’m Angry

Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement regarding our eventful day. Here’s the resolution:

1~ I sought the advice of a friend who teaches at the school and attends my aerobics class. I asked her what she would do if I were the parent of one of her students. She told me that she would still walk the child to the bus loop for a few more days. In additon she volunteered to make sure that my daughter made it to the bus loop. She paired my daughter up with a little girl from her own class that lives in my neighborhood. They now walk to the bus together.

2~I also met with the Principle who assigned a bus loop monitor to be on the lookout for my daughter.

3~After class had begun and the halls were clear, I practiced walking with my daughter from her class to the bus loop. I also had her try on her own a few times.

4~The bus driver appologized for leaving the school without my daughter. She acknowledged that my son had told her that my daughter was supposed to be on the bus. She explained that she had gotten distracted when a dragonfly flew into the bus and sent the kids into an uproar. She told me that she would never purposely disregard a statement like the one that my son made to her.

My final thoughts:

My daughters teacher has made a bad impression with me. She still insists that it was my 6 year olds responsibility to know the way the the bus loop. She also reasons that my daughter should have asked (what my daughter considered to be strangers) the bus loop monitors where she should go. She wrote me letter stating that she could sense my concern but littered the letter with statements such as the situation being my daughters “mishap” and “responsibility”.

I really do not think that she is the best teacher for my daughter. I am trying to be open minded, but I am not at peace with her teaching my daughter. I do not understand rationale for shifting the responsibility to a six year old. Not once did she take responsibility and that makes me uneasy.

I will be in prayer regarding how to proceed. For now, I will be actively involved in my daughters class to monitor her teacher from this point.

I am so glad that the transportation situation has been resolved. I am confident that the school as a whole is looking out for my daughters welfare even if it’s not her own teacher.

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