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One of the most irritating things that I deal with on a regular basis is terrible customer service. Service is terrible at a large part of the businesses that I am forced to patronize. Places such as the DMV, the water and the electric company. What ever happened to the days when the people that you did business with knew your name? Whatever happened to great customer service?

I hear people talk about a time when business owners knew not only their customers by name, but also knew their families. Business owners even knew special details about the patron’s families such as birthdays and anniversaries. Today as businesses have grown along with the advancement of technology, the personal relationship between customer and business owner has disappeared. No longer are customers viewed as friends, but as numbers on a financial document.

A friend of mine is a small business owner. In order for him to keep track of his customers and employees, he uses a customer relationship management software systems. This system allows him to store specific information regarding his clients and employees. He can store information on the software such as birthdays, addresses, family information, and account information for up to five hundred clients or employees. He has hired a company to send birthday and anniversary cards to his employees and their spouses each year. It also sends him a reminder of those special events.

A system such as this is a great tool for businesses of any size. This software can help foster a sense of community that is missing from the local businesses. I may just be a small town girl wanting to hold on to outdated methods of thinking, but I would personally like to see the humanistic element brought back to the relationship between business owners and clients.

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