Busy, Busy Week

This has been a very busy week for me. I had to to take on some unexpected responsibilities such as withdrawing my 14 year old daughter from public school and creating a curriculum for her.

I will scarce around here for the rest of the week. No time to blog this morning. I will be at my children’s elementary school volunteering in their class.

Tomorrow I have to be in court. I am suing the dealership where I purchased a used car from three months ago. It broke down two weeks after my husband and I bought it and I want my money back.

Finally, my Mother-in-Love will be coming into town tomorrow as well. We will spend the afternoon shopping. She wants to go to Sam’s club and she doesn’t have one where she lives. Her and my Father-in-Love live an hour and a half from here.

She will be taking my three younger children home with her for the weekend, so I have to re-do my 6 year olds hair. That includes taking out her braids, washing her hair and re-braiding it.

My 14 year old will stay here for the weekend. She has a Bible Quiz practice tomorrow night with her team and a competition Saturday morning.

So please don’t abandon me :o) I have so much I want to share with you guys, but it will have to wait until I can get my plate cleared off.

Have a blessed day.

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