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Carving Out Family Devotion Time

Carving Out Time for God

Carving Out Time for God

I really thought that with the children being back in public school that our time with the Lord would suffer.

However, I have been surprised to see that with some planning we have been able to spend more time worshipping, praying, meditating and study Gods word.


6:30 am~ The children rise, do their hygiene, make beds, tidy room, get dressed.
7:00 am~ Memory verses, Bible Quiz questions
7:15-7:20~ Put on shoes, head to the car
7:20-7:30~ On the drive to the elementary school we take turns praying each day. This is the time that we share praises and prayer requests.

7:25-7:40~ On the drive to the High School I share words of encouragement with oldest daughter, ask her about anything that is on her mind. If there are areas of concern we pray about them before she enters school.


3:30 pm~ Elementary homework time and snack
4:30 pm~ Free/T.V. time, High School Homework time
5:00 pm~ Elementary showers / Free and T.V. time, High School Homework time
6:00 pm-7:00 pm~ Dinner time, kitchen clean-up
7:30 pm~ Bible Reading & Prayer time
8:00 pm~ Elementary bed-time, High School homework/study time
8:30 pm~ High School shower time
9:00 pm~ High School bed time

With a little bit of planning ahead we have been able to begin our day spending quality time as a family with the Lord. If you’d like to read more about how I we are able to carve out this time leave me a comment with a specific question of email me at scentrepernuer@aol.com

Have a blessed week.

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8 thoughts on “Carving Out Family Devotion Time

  1. Those are two great questions Karen.

    I don’t have a set computer schedule for myself. I get on the computer after starting my morning chores, in the afternoons before the children get home, after the children get in bed, etc.

    Our children get computer time on Satuday’s. During the week the children often play educatinal games ater school during free time, but games for fun are reserved for the weekend.


  2. Anonymous says:

    A day started out by looking to God for guidance is usually one that goes much better for all. I have to concur that the time in the car is valuable & shouldn't be squandered! I have had more than a few great discussions & heart-to-hearts while driving. :o)



  3. Karen & Gerard Zemek says:

    When is your computer time? Do the kids get any computer time? I don’t see it listed in the schedule.


  4. Thank you wildcats3. I too spend time with the Lord early in the morning. It’s become a habit that allows me to have a more purposed and productive day.

    Thank you for you blessings.


  5. Melinda and Alley it is so good to hear that you are finding time to teach your toddlers about God’s word.

    You are giving them a gift that will help them in the future. I am truly able to see my children rely on Gods word evryday in dwaling with issues.

    I see them praise the Lord and acknowlegde Him in their lives.

    This is time invested that you won’t regret.


  6. Thanks for sharing, this is something I will look forward do to with my children.

    I have 3 boys, Elijah who is 3, Josiah is 15 months, and Abram is almost 3 months.

    Elijah loves to “read” his childrens bible(he calls it his jesus book)and we read it to him before bedtime. He also loves to help daddy say a prayer before dinner. I cant wait to be able to do more with them when they are older.


  7. wildcatsthree says:

    In today’s hectic life, it’s easy for people to forget to make time to talk with God. I find setting aside a set time each day helps me, such as first thing in the morning before life get’s in the way.
    p.s. I found your blog through “Red Pine Mountain.” Sara wrote a post about your blog, so I checked it out. Hope you have a great day


  8. Earthmommy says:

    I’ve recently started working with Aspen on her first very simple memory verses and we practice it at various times throughout the day. I find it’s good for me too : )


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