Carving Out Family Devotion Time

Carving Out Time for God

Carving Out Time for God

I really thought that with the children being back in public school that our time with the Lord would suffer.

However, I have been surprised to see that with some planning we have been able to spend more time worshipping, praying, meditating and study Gods word.


6:30 am~ The children rise, do their hygiene, make beds, tidy room, get dressed.
7:00 am~ Memory verses, Bible Quiz questions
7:15-7:20~ Put on shoes, head to the car
7:20-7:30~ On the drive to the elementary school we take turns praying each day. This is the time that we share praises and prayer requests.

7:25-7:40~ On the drive to the High School I share words of encouragement with oldest daughter, ask her about anything that is on her mind. If there are areas of concern we pray about them before she enters school.


3:30 pm~ Elementary homework time and snack
4:30 pm~ Free/T.V. time, High School Homework time
5:00 pm~ Elementary showers / Free and T.V. time, High School Homework time
6:00 pm-7:00 pm~ Dinner time, kitchen clean-up
7:30 pm~ Bible Reading & Prayer time
8:00 pm~ Elementary bed-time, High School homework/study time
8:30 pm~ High School shower time
9:00 pm~ High School bed time

With a little bit of planning ahead we have been able to begin our day spending quality time as a family with the Lord. If you’d like to read more about how I we are able to carve out this time leave me a comment with a specific question of email me at

Have a blessed week.

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