Christmas Gift Planning

This morning I began working on my Christmas list. Last year I kept it in my Homemaking Binder and my oldest daughter saw it. This year I will need to be a little more creative.

The younger children are mostly interested in video games this year such as Nintendo DS R4 Revolution, Xbox and a few games for the Nintendo and Gameboy systems that we already own.

Now don’t go getting the wrong idea. No I don’t buy my children all of the latest game consoles. The rule in our home is that the games themselves must be able to be purchased second hand. Another rule is that if and when we buy a new console, that it will be the only gift they get from their father and I.

For instance the children want and Xbox this year. If we get an Xbox for them it will be a family gift for everyone. They have wanted a new game console for the last three years. It just so happens that my mother in-law is willing to split the cost with us. So next weekend, my husband and I will be window shopping to check out prices and options.

My children currently have a PlayStation two and three Gameboy’s that they share. We usually buy each child a used game of their choice for birthdays or Christmas. The used games run anywhere from $10.00-$20.00.

We don’t usually buy the consoles used since we like to have a warranty on such an expensive purchase.

I have been stashing away a good bit of my paid advertising revenue for this purchase. I am hoping to find a great Black Friday deal on the Xbox. Wish me Luck.

Are you planning to shop during Black Friday?


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