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There are not many things that I will splurge on since I must truly find a value in what I am investing in. However a Made to Measure suit happens to be one of the things I would not only like to purchase for myself, but for my husband as well.

I know that some of you (my readers) have the skill and expertise to work wonders with a store bought designer suit a Singer sewing machine, but I have not achieved such skills on my sewing machine….yet.

Now as a Proverbs 31 women the Bible says in Proverbs 31:13 that “She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands”, and it also in Proverbs 31:19 that “She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff”. These are two things that I so desire to do, but to be completely honest with you it may be decades before I can crank out a custom made suit for my husband.

So why not leave it up to the professionals such as the folks at www.my.suit.com . They have suits starting at $400.oo. Now for some of you that may be expensive. In all honesty it’s expensive too me as well, but listen to this. My husband bought a suit for $150.00, which was made from cheap material…eh hem..(polyester)…and it began to look shabby after a years time. My husband later bought a suit made of 100% wool, fully lined and had some slight alterations completed at the time of purchase.

He loves suit number 2. My motto is that you get what you pay for. Now I am not saying that in order to get a nice suit that you need to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars. What I am saying though is that purchasing quality items whether it be full price, discount or second hand is worth the investment.

We will definitely be visiting the New York My.suit location when we go home to visit. We always hit the downtown areas to shop and this area happens to be one of the spots that we visit. There is plenty of shopping and food to be had. It’s not hard to find. My.Suits is close by Macy’s and the Empire state building. So if you are in NYC or plan on visiting this would be a place to put on the list.

Do you think that a custom made clothing is worth the time and money? I would love to hear your opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Custom Made

  1. Living Books of Today says:

    I worked in law firms for 20 years. A custom made suit is worth it–it won’t bag, sag or look tacky.

    Lots of great things going on for you, Hadias! Head over to my place and see what I’ve been up to!


  2. I think it’s worth it, especially if it will last for some time!


  3. It’s definitely worth it!!

    My husband has a cusom made suit that we bought for him in Japan when we were stationed there. The gentleman comes out and measures you and makes his own patterns. My husband loves that suit and it is good quality!

    But, it is also definitely worth it to keep an eye out for a good quality used suit and have it tailored to fit you. My husbands father spends a great deal of money on his clothes and my husband usually very happily takes his hand me downs even though there is a large size difference. Mike just takes them to the tailor shop and has them fitted to him. It works perfect and is worth the small cost of tailoring because we know the good quality of items that Dad buys!!

    God bless,


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