Finding Time for the Bible | 11 Tips for Busy Women


Here are some helpful hints for finding time to read the Bible daily.

1 – Read the Bible instead of watching television. In other words get rid of the distractions

2 – Listen to the Bible free online while on the computer of near the computer

3 – Get the Bible on CD

4 – Get up earlier in the mornings to spend time reading the Bible Study

5 -Read during children’s naptime.

6 – Set aside quiet time during the day. During this time the children must learn to play quietly or take a nap.

7 – Keep a Bible in every room possible (and use it)

8 – Write Bible verses somewhere. Write it in your daily journal, on your bathroom mirror or dinner plate with a dry erase marker. Keep it where you can see it easily and read it throughout the day. This is especially good for mothers of small children who don’t have a lot of free time to read or study the Bible.

9 -Don’t try to read too much at a time. I often read short portions of the Bible when I have a busy day planned. For instance, I am reading the book of Psalm and Proverbs. These chapters are usually short but if one is not, I will read half now and half later. Some days I read a verse and it affects me in such a way that I do not read past that point. A verse that influenced me recently was Psalm 108:1 “O GOD, my heart is fixed….” I literally did not want to go any further until I could say these words just as David had said them to God. Therefore, I meditated on this verse the entire day and fasted the next day in order to say with my whole heart “O GOD, my heart is fixed…”

10 -Listen to Christian music that actually sings verses from the Bible. For me, there is a difference between Gospel music and Inspirational music. Any music can inspire, but only Gospel music includes lyrics that are actual scripture.

11 – Finally, pray without ceasing that God will help to remove the busyness and distractions from your life that prevent you from having a deeper relationship with him. Ultimately, the adversary loves it when you are too busy and distracted. Also, pray to understand what season of life you are in. If you have young children reading the Bible alone will be difficult, therefore you will need to include your children many times. Even reading Bible stories to your children can benefit you. You would be surprised to know that God can speak to you through anything that He chooses.

I hope that this list can encourage you to get begin or continue trying to read your Bible consistently. Do not be discouraged, you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.

I would love you all to share how you make time for Bible reading. Let us encourage one another in those things that are pleasing to the Lord.

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