Homemade Bread Crumb

I am always looking for frugal ways to make things from scratch. This week I tried my hand at homemade breadcrumb. I started with week old bread that I toasted in the oven. I left it in the oven a bit longer longer than I intended, but I don’t think that it’ll matter much in the end.
I broke the toast up into small pieces and shoved them into the blender. I pressed the button for grate….and nothing. I turned the blender on high and still…..nothing. So, I emptied the blender and began inserting one or two pieces at a time…..

and finally some action.

I wanted this batch to be Italian bread crumb, so I added some homemade Italian seasoning. It is just dried basil and parsley from my garden.I blended the toast a bit more to be sure that all of the big pieces were chopped well.

I poured the crumbs into a old bread crumb can.

I will store these in the fridge until I can determine the shelf life of homemade breadcrumb.I hope that you’ve enjoyed my visual breadcrumb making tutorial.
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  1. I usually do it the other way by blitzing the bread and then toasting the crumbs which is a pain. Your way looks much easier.


  2. Great tackle! I make homemade bread and one time I had a MAJOR flop, so I cut up the bread into cubes and threw it into a freezer bag. I have it in the freezer so I can make breadcrumbs, croutons, or bread pudding. I’m going to have to try your method of making breadcrumbs (I have yet to attempt).


  3. Yes, indeed….using up bread this way is just the best. That, & croutons.



  4. You are one smart woman! 😀

    How was the taste? Lacking (because of seasoning additives from processed) or more flavorful (the result of freshness)?

    I’ll be home soon, and I’ve got my eye on a few homemade kitchen projects myself. 🙂


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