Making Ends Meet

Thank you for all of your warm wishes for a great weekend. We had a really good time. I was able to spend time with my daughter but also to spend time with her friends. We spent the weekend learning how to remove distractions and to get closer to God. I was given the opportunity to pray with her and with her friends.

We had so much fun rock climbing and zip lining and just enjoying the beauty of God. The retreat location was beautiful.

This morning I’d like to share some words of encouragement and also some ideas on how to make ends meet.

For some of you the turn in the economy has barely affected your lifestyle, but for the majority of us it is becoming harder to budget and make ends meet. Through faith in Gods promises, we know that God will provide and if you’re like me you can attest that God has never failed you, nor will He now.

Be encouraged during these tumultuous financial times. Believe that by being obedient to God’s biblical principles that you have no need to worry.

Some of us have already been implementing frugal strategies that have helped us lessen the affects of rising prices of gas, food, and bills. However, this is just a reminder of some easy to implement ways to stretch a meat.

Whether it is chicken quarters or a whole chicken, you should purchase chicken as a whole as possible. Whole chickens and quarters are the cheapest that I have found out of all of the parts (excluding backs, necks, and gizzards).

A whole chicken can be used to make broth and between 2-3 meals for a family of six.

Ground meats are cheapest purchased in chubs. Chubs are usually sold frozen and can often be found for less than a dollar a pound. Ground meats are great because they have so many recipe possibilities. To stretch ground meat you will need to reduce the amount required for the recipe by half or by a third. In addition, you will need to add fillers to the dish such as vegetables, stuffing, or breadcrumb.

The basic premise for stretching meat is to think about how many meal possibilities can be achieved without sacrificing nutrition and or leaving your family hungry.

Many of my post regarding frugal Cooking can be found by clicking the following links Cook Day and Recipes .

I would love to hear about what you are doing to make ends meat.

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