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Let me get you up to speed. We bought a used car 3 months ago which we were able to drive all of four days before it broke down.

The dealer was so nice at the time of the sale and during the first week after purchase. He made so many promises regarding fixing the car. He went on and on as to the problem just being the starter. Anyhow, we are out a car and $1,300

We went to court this morning and our argument was that he sold us a car under false pretenses. We also believe that there is a possibility that he knew the car was not in as good of condition as he stated.

The dealers argument was that they bought the care As-Is. He even began to educate the judge on the as-is law. (first bad move)

The judge told the dealer that As-Is does not mean that you can sell someone something and it not provide the service implied. He told the dealer that as a proprietor that sells cars, that he has a legal responsibility to sell cars in working condition.

I don’t really think that we have a basis to really win the case except that the dealer lied to us regarding specific things regarding the car.

The judge wanted to take a few days to review that law and will deliver a written verdict this week.

So we left court today feeling a sense of justification, yet still ripped-off.

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