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Karen at Winding Threads asked in response to my laundry routine…”Do you iron jeans?”

I do iron jeans. I haven’t found the time to fold or hang the clothes directly out of the dryer which means that they are very wrinkled by the time I get to them. Many people just flatten and hang or fold them. I actually don’t mind ironing as I find it to be a peaceful activity. If it ever becomes a burden I would fore go ironing. I also do it to instill our personal values which are that you should dress neatly when attending school, church or work. Also that we are to be good stewards over the clothes that we have since we are a single income family. I want to stretch my husbands income as far as possible so that we don’t need to constantly replace clothes. Also, since I consign many of their clothes I do press them to keep them looking fairly new. I do not iron outside/play clothes. Finally, ironing the jeans flat makes it easier for my three younger children to get them on the hangers.

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