Thanks for Making me a Top Momma

I signed up at a few months ago just for fun. I wanted to meet new moms and share my blog. I saw that they had a ranking system, but based upon the amount of visitors needed to get to the top of the list, I just assumed I wouldn’t make it.

How surprised was I to get this email this morning:

Hey Momma!

You are now on the front page of!!!! Time is of the essence, so make sure that you tell all your friends and readers ASAP to get the most clicks possible. So spread the word– and good luck! Your referral url is:

I was floored. Oh! My! Gosh! Top of the list (actually #2 when I checked) but still wonderful to know that my blog has impacted and reached so many people.

So to all my bestest readers and friends thank you. Thank you for “100 Feedburner Subscribers” and for all of your love, support and encourgement.

Don’t forget to click my TopMomma link and then on my picture. Thanks!

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