My Very First CVS Trip

I was very nervous about possibly going into the store and making a major purchasing mistake. I envisioned picking up the wrong items and forgetting to use my coupons to achieve the maximum savings. Guess what?….

I did everything that I’d feared I would do, however the manger was so helpful in explaining everything and getting me the most for my money.

Here’s the run down….

Transaction #1
$4.89 Preparation H portable wipes
-$3.00 MQ (I forgot to give it to the manager so he deducted it from my next transaction. We will just pretend that I gave it to him for the sake of this illustration)
$1.89 OOP
$1 ECB Earned

$7.78 for 2 Crest Pro Health $3.89 ea.
-$1.50 (2) $.75 off MQ
$6.28 OOP
$7.78 ECB’s Earned

Total OOP w/tax $8.82
Total ECB’s $8.78

Transaction #2
$7.24 (2) Colgate toothpaste BOGO Free (I actually picked up the wrong ones and was charged for both. The manager just issued me a cash refund. I ended up paying $3.62 for 2 after the refund)

Used $7.24 in ECB’s

$4.98 (2) Arm and Hammer Toothpaste $1.99 ea.
-$1.00 MQ
-$1.00 MQ

Used $2.98 in ECB’s

Total $10.22
Used $8.78 ECB’s
OOP $.45

This was all a bit overwhelming and as you can see. My calculations do not add up. In actuality, I paid $10.00 for my first transaction and earned $8.00 in ECB’s. My order totaled $10.00 because I forgot to use my $3.00 off coupon. The manager deducted the $3.00 from my second transaction. My second transaction came out to $.45 after ECB’s and coupons. I was also refunded $4.16 from transaction #1 on the BOGO free toothpaste. So I paid a total of $6.29 for everything after ECB’s, coupons and the refund. I also have $1.00 ECB left.

My overall observation.

ECB transactions are a bit confusing
It will take practice
I must keep up with my ECB reciept for my next trip

The manager was very helpful and patient
I think that I did o.k. for a beginner
I stocked the pantry with toothpaste
6 toothpastes and portable hemorrhoid wipes for $6.24