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I have been habitually using coupons for two weeks now. For the last two Sunday’s, I have I’ve purchased local newspapers. With just those two purchases I have accumulate over 100 coupons.

With so many coupons I went about researching different storage methods and have com eup with on that is frugal and simple. I cut all of the coupons from the circulars, even the ones I won’t use. I’ll tell you more about those later. After clipping all of the coupons, I sort them into categories. The categories that I am currently using are as follows.

Paper/Plastic Products
Drinks/Liquid Products Hygiene/Body Products Frozen Food All other Food Breakfast Housekeeping Items Dessert/Snacks

I have created a separate envelope for each of these categories. Below is an example of what my coupon envelope looks like. After all of the coupons are sorted they are stuffed in the the corresponding envelope. My children are a big help with keeping coupons organized. My 14yo clips, my 8 and 6 yo sort. I have found dish detergent coupons in the hygiene envelope, etc., but that fine, no biggie. I just put the coupon in it’s correct place.

My children are starting to enjoy matching coupons with sale items. It’s like a game to them. I plan to incorporate consumer mathematics by having the 14 and 8 yo figure out the price after coupons.

I have an envelope labeled donations, which is for any coupons that I know I will definitely not use. My church nursery collects baby product coupons for anyone to use. I regularly donate coupons to our church nursery.

The donations envelope is also for coupons that have expired. Expired coupons can be mailed to U.S. Military families who are stationed overseas. These coupons which are expired here in the U.S. can be used for up to six months after the expiration date by U.S. Military families stationed overseas.

Click on the link Send Your Expired Grocery Coupons to Our Military Families Overseas! and scroll down for addresses of where to send. To learn more about the Overseas Coupon Program visit

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