To Top it All Off

Please forgive my lack of participation in the comment section of my blog. Since last Friday, at least one of my children has been sick everyday. These are the first colds of the season at my house.

We have gone through the gauntlet of sickness. We have two with wheezing, an ear infection, fever and a cough. One has had wheezing, labored breathing, fever, clamminess and pneumonia. We have been to the childcare’s pediatrician almost ever morning last week.

My children suffer during the winter due to their bodies reaction to cold weather. They all appear to have asthma/allergy like symptoms. At the first sign of cold weather (around 32 degrees) their little chests and lungs begin to constrict. They then become susceptible to respiratory infections.

The medicine routine and Albuterol treatments are just crazy at my house. I have three children taking Albuterol treatments every four hours. Two of them are on antibiotic, another two on nasal sprays and allergy medicines. Two on a steroid and one taking Advair for asthma like symptoms.

Therefore, I may be pretty scarce around here for the next week. We have to take my pneumonia girl back to the pediatrician on Monday for a follow-up.

To top it all off…Now I’m sick. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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