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December 2nd CVS Trip

I just returned from CVS and all did not go as planned, but it did go well. Total out of pocket was $13 with tax included. To see my scenrio and for coupons to get the same savings click here.

I was able to pick up some more items for gift baskets that I’ll be putting together for my children’s grandparents. The Hannah Montana items are for my MIL’s foster daughter. She loves Hannah Montana, so all of my children combined their money to get her a gift. It’s HM stickers, ankle socks, lip gloss and gummy candy.

During the last week of November I purchased the razors below for the Grandmothers. I was able to get them for $.99 each after coupons.
I also purchased SURE deodorant in November for $.45 each after coupons.
Along with the hygiene and beauty items one grandma will get a gift certificate to the spa. The other will get an American Express Gift Certificate or any other GC that I cane get cheap of free. I have a Walmart GC coming in the mail that I may use for the basket.

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