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December: Grocery Expense Evaluation

I’m just about done with my major grocery shopping for this month. I have spent a total of $196.09 so far and have $24.90 remaining

By Shopping Sale Items Only I’ve Saved: $83.59
By Using Coupons I’ve Saved: $54.04
Total Savings: $137.64

Since beginning my coupon journey in October I’ve purchased 3 Sunday newspapers @ $1.50 each=$4.50

I always purchase them at Publix since they offer a $0.01 mystery item on Sunday & Monday with the purchase of the newspaper + an additional $10.00 purchase. However my Publix does not enforce this rule. If I buy the paper I get the Mystery item.

Items I received for a penny each:

Newspaper #1~Publix paper towels ($1.48)
Newspaper #2~Publix Hotdogs ($2.19)
Newspaper #3~Publix Pasta Sauce ($1.78)

Total items purchased: 191 + 3 for $0.03

I was able to purchase food, household items and hygiene products for 30+ days and paid and average price per item of $1.03 without increasing my grocery budget

$196 divided by 191 items= I paid an average of $1.03 per item

To view this months shopping trip follow the links below.

12/8 Shopping Trip
$53.23 for $85.89 worth of items
12/13 Shopping Trip $25.25 for $67.08 worth of items
12/14 Shopping Trip $4.14 for $32.oo worth of items
12/15 Shopping Trip $84.77 for $102.00 worth of items
12/19 Shopping Trip $19.75 for $132.51 worth of items
12/28 Shopping Trip $17.75 for $145.00 worth of items

Total spent so far for December
Remaining December Grocery Budget is $16.11 as of 12/30

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2 thoughts on “December: Grocery Expense Evaluation

  1. Alexandra Stephenson says:

    wow you seem VERY organized! great tackle 🙂


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