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Gifts for Him…

I am finally narrowing down my gift giving and I am still way within budget. This year I got serious about using the envelope system and it has really helped me to stay the course. Knowing that all I have to spend for an entire area of my budget is in one tiny envelope sorta forces me to evaluate the purpose of each dollar that I spend.

There are two things in particular that I am very proud of and that is…number one, I spent less for my children’s XBox 360 Pro Console than I budgeted. I even received money back on the purchase. Number two is that I hope to do the same on another purchase that I have in mind.

I want to get an Under Armour shirt or two for my husband but I want to pay the lowest price possible. So far, the cheapest prices that I have found have been at Blackhawk Gear. They generally specialize in police and tactical gear. However they have a selection of items that can be used by anyone especially men who work outdoors in the elements. They are carry all terrain boots for those of you who have husbands in need of a good pair of work boots.

With the hep of a budget and the envelope system, there will be no financial regrets in our home after Christmas.

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