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Mini Egg & Sausage Omlettes

5 eggs
1/2 lb of ground sausage or links (diced after cooking)
1/2 cup mlk
1-1 1/2 of your favorite cheeses
4 slices of bread
Your favorite seasonings (salt,pepper, etc.)
Cooking Spray

Mix all ingredients except the bread and cheese. Spray liberally each muffin cup.Tear the bread into small pieces and drop a few into each muffin cup. Pour the liquid over each bread filled muffin cup. Top with cheese. Bake in the oven on 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes or until firm.

This can also be baked in a casserole pan. This recipe is approximates for 12-15 muffins depending upon how little of much you fill each muffin cup. I also used a medium sized muffin pan.

These were delicious straight from the oven and also from the freezer.

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7 thoughts on “Mini Egg & Sausage Omlettes

  1. Awesome! Another breakfast time-saver. We’re kind of tired of breakfast burritos so I’ll make these for the freezer instead this time.


  2. Kim@ForeverWherever says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I tried it and it turned out great! I just posted about it on my site. Thanks so much!

    Oh, and I have a dough giveaway!


  3. This sounds great! I love the idea of freezing them. Ingenious 🙂


  4. Hello Kim. These are really good. I am thinking of making some large ones fro busy mornings like Sunday and lazy mornings like Saturdays.

    Just pop the entire casserole in the oven or microwave and there you have it. An instant breakfast. Thanks for stopping by.

    Let me know how yours turn out.


  5. Kim@ForeverWherever.com says:

    I’m gonna try it! They would be great for me to take camping!! Thanks so much! I’ll be back to look around more!


  6. I make a recipe like this but I never thought to make it in muffin tins. I love this idea. Thanks!


  7. Blue Castle says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I love the idea of freezing them. They’d be quick to reheat.


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