Monthly Earnings-November

I will begin using my blog to keep track of my monthly earnings as well as my savings when using coupons and rebates. Below is a list of last months earnings.

$141.50 -PayPerPost
$63.24 -Social Spark
$25.00 -Freelance Reviews
$44.35 -Single Check Rebate
$18.52 -Consignment
$15.81 –Ebates*

*All new Ebates accounts earn $5 for signing up, which is credited whenever you make your first purchase and a $10 gift card.

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  1. Wow, your income for the month is fantastic! Good job! I only saw 4 or was it 5 PayPerPosts, those few alone made nearly $150? Neat!


  2. Hadias,

    Would you do a guest editorial for my second blog, “Project Home Economics: A One Year Course” about a few things you’ve learned in your journey to be a frugal and worthy wife. I was thinking something about five paragraphs long. Do you think you’re up for it?


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