New Years Fun

Kelli is hosting a “peek through my last year of blogging” meme over at “There’s no place Like home”. I always enjoy participating in her meme’s and of course all of the wonderful pictures that she shares on her blog.

To participate simply:

Post the first sentence of your first blog post of each month. You can also add a favorite picture from each month.

I decided to select the posts that recieved the most comments. Here they are below:

I will be having some friends over for dinner sometime in February and I wouldn’t want them to have to sit on chairs covered with remnants of all the wonderful meals that I have fed my family.

My younger children often have a hard time keeping their crayons in the box.

I have been really working hard to get some projects done.

We have all struggled as parents with feelings of despair, frustration or just being plain overwhelmed. ~May~
These are the beginnings of my Gladiolus blooms.

I stumbled across this KJV Holy Bible Black Heritage Edition at a flea market some years ago.

Today I am sharing pictures of a plant that I started from seed sown directly into the soil.

We’re Expecting…our first tomato that is.

I was inspired by Kelli’s Autumn Kitchen and decided to stop procrastinating and pull out my Fall decor.

I have had a huge response to the dinner plate menu that I’ve featured in my posts a few time before so I’ve decided to post a simple tutorial for creating your own “Dinner plate Menu”.

I was very nervous about possibly going into the store and making a major purchasing mistake.

$84.83 worth of Cover Girl Lip Gloss for only $4.99

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  1. I’m glad you joined in the fun! I enjoyed my peek at your past year!


  2. Good choice of bloggie things. I like seeing nature and flowers in a person’s blog.
    Happy 2009!


  3. What a wonderful look back at your year!


  4. My daughter would be in heaven over your lipgloss bargain. Happy New Years, Annie


  5. Thanks for sharing! Fun!


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