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On-line Shopping

I found this tip while reading a 5minutesformom post titled “Top 10 Tips for shopping Online

  1. If, for some reason, your order “fails” when you submit it, do not keep trying.

    Of course, if you are sure you know why it failed the first time, you might want to try a second time. But, do not keep trying.

    There is a high possibility that your credit card company is “holding” the funds each time you try and fail. Those “holds” will disappear in a few days but, in the meantime, it is like you spent all that money – your credit card could be temporarily maxed out or your bank account temporarily drained.

    Pick up the phone and call that web site. You will find out right then how helpful they are!
    By: Janice


How helpful they are is what you will truly find out. I must say that I am very disappointed with Walgreens.com’s customer service and resolution center. I visited Walgreens.com to take advantage of this awesome deal on November 29th when while placing my order I received an error message after submitting my payment info. which instructed me to check my order and resubmit. Unaware of the above tip I resubmitted 3 additional times after continuously receiving the message.

I received three email from paypal showing the amount of purchase had been placed on hold four times.

I called Walgreen’s and explained the pending charges that were on my PayPal account and asked if I would be charged all four times when the product was limited to one order per household. The agent replied “There was no order in the system for my account and would I like to place the order again with her?”

I told her that I could not at that time since my PayPal account was almost maxed out because of the $25.64 in pending Walgreen’s charges.

She told me that there was nothing that she could do to ensure processing of my order. I then called PayPal to see about getting the charges voided. They were very helpful in submitting a resolution ticket to Walgreen’s requesting that they release the hold. The charges have been credited back to my account as of December 7th. I really wanted to get the lotion at such a great deal. Regular price is $6 a bottle, so to get 4 for $6.41 was a great deal. Good lotion is not cheap and with six bodies to keep moisturized in my home we can really run thorough lotion.

I’d love to know how much are you willing to pay for a bottle of lotion? Also, what brand of lotion do you use most often?

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2 thoughts on “On-line Shopping

  1. These types of experiences make me cautious when making on-line purchases. I have an account specifically set up for on-line purchases whereas not to affect my personal accounts.


  2. That’s a great tip. I too have had similar experience. Once I was charged $75 by Earthlink for what was supposed to be a free trial. Just the other day I had a transaction that would not go through at Borders.com. As it turned out it was a glitch in their system and I was not charged at all, fortunately for me.


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