Sunday Shopping Breakdown

I did a little shopping to kill time while my daughter was at Bible Quiz practice last night. Walgreen’s had a sale on a few items that I wanted to get for my church food pantry and some final Christmas candy for gifts. I also visited Kroger to see if I could stack cellfire & shortcuts coupons with manufacture coupons. According to what I’ve read from the cellfire site, they state that MQ can not be combined with their e-coupons. However I read that others had already successfully done it.

I headed to Kroger and spoke with the manager however he was not sure but stated the following:

~I will override the system and give you credit for your coupons if they won’t stack with the e-coupons

~If the system does not double your MQ then I won’t overide to give you a double bonus

So in all he was willing to give me the MQ credit and the e-coupon credit. First I did a test run to see what in fact the sytem would do. I purchased the Betty Crocker Frosting @ $1.50 and used a $0.55/1 (shortcuts e-coupon) and a $0.50/1 MQ. The MQ did indeed double to $1.00 off. The cashier ended up owing me $0.04 change. I was in a sort of triple coupon heaven.

his is what I puchased


(2) Cottonelle $0.99 x 2= $1.98
-$0.50 off cellfire
-(2) -$0.50 off MQ doubled to $2.00 off)

$0.48 total

(2) Reddi Whip 2/$4.00
-$1.00/1 cellfire ($1.00 off)
-$1.50/2 MQ

$0.50 total

(2) BC Frosting $1.50 x 2=$3.00
-$0.50 cellfire
-(2) $.50 off MQ on pkg. doubled ($2.00 off)

$0.50 total

(2) Colgate Total $2.20 x 2=$4.40
-(2) $1.50 of MQ ($3.00 off)

$1.40 total

(2) Johnson’s Soap $1.78 + 1.09=$2.87
– $3/2 Johnson first aid product MQ

$0.13 overage

Total $2.75 before tax


Demet’s Turtles .99 x 2= $1.98 w/ Walgreens in ad Q
-$1.50/1 MQ

$0.50 total

Coffee Mate 2/$2.50 with Walgreens in ad coupon
-$1.50/2 MQ

$1.00 total

Progresso Soup .99 x 2=$1.98 w/ Walgreens in ad Q
-(2) $1.10/1 MQ ($2.20)

$0.22 overage

Total $1.28 before tax

$4.03 + .12 tax from both stores=$4.14 for everything