‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

What do groceries and gift wrapping have in common? Well after you are done with grocery cartons or boxes you can use them as a mold for wrapping small to medium sized odd shaped gifts.

This idea is great for hard to wrap action figures of any gift that is not square or rectangular. Just stick the gift inside, then tuck some colorful wrapping tissue or shredded paper in assorted colors around the gift. Then wrap the entire box and your done. Below you’ll find the before and after wrapping pictures as well as some scenes from my home Christmas 2007.


  1. Hadias says

    Wow Melinda. It’s been a whole year that we been visiting each others blogs. Ever since your name was EarthMommy and mine was A Country Girl at Heart…


  2. Elizabeth says

    When you were leaving a comment on my blog, I was reading yours at the same time!

    I checked out the article you suggested. Those are some great ideas for hostess gifts.


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