Walgreen’s One Day Sale Dec. 22nd

I arrived at Walgreen’s at 8:15 am to find the last blow dryer being taken form the shelf. I had tried for 10 minutes to get my car started but it would not cut me any slack. (The ignition jams whenever the temperature drops.) Finally at 8:10 am the engine rumbles to life. I shift the car into reverse and tear out of the driveway at breakneck speed. However my efforts were not good enough. I had miscalculated the competition this morning. When I arrived three women were perusing the aisles with the coveted blow dryer sitting in their carts.

As I walked around the store shiftlessly searching for the other incidentals on my list the store clerk asked if she could call some of the other stores. I nodded in agreement but could not shake my frustration. I WANTED THAT BLOW DRYER.

What really frustrated me was that I knew how much my daughter wanted it too. We had been talking about getting it since we learned of the sale and to find it free after Register Rewards was a sweet deal.

The sales clerk had been told that they were all sold out within a 10 mile radius. Now I’m contemplating never shopping at Walgreen’s again. There had to be only space for 5 blow dryers on the shelf and this is one of the main reason I had discontinued shopping at Walgreen’s before.

As I contemplated even purchasing my other items the store clerk found me and said “My manager said that you could choose any other blow dryer and he’d give you $10 off the price”.

The next best price for an equally comparable item was $14.99. Instead of paying $10 OOP and getting $10 in RR I was able to pay $5 OOP for a brand new blow dryer.

Would you have taken the trade off? Which do you think was the better deal…$10RR to spend at Walgreen’s or $5 still in my pocket to spend anywhere I choose?

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