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Walgreen’s One Day Sale Dec. 22nd

I arrived at Walgreen’s at 8:15 am to find the last blow dryer being taken form the shelf. I had tried for 10 minutes to get my car started but it would not cut me any slack. (The ignition jams whenever the temperature drops.) Finally at 8:10 am the engine rumbles to life. I shift the car into reverse and tear out of the driveway at breakneck speed. However my efforts were not good enough. I had miscalculated the competition this morning. When I arrived three women were perusing the aisles with the coveted blow dryer sitting in their carts.

As I walked around the store shiftlessly searching for the other incidentals on my list the store clerk asked if she could call some of the other stores. I nodded in agreement but could not shake my frustration. I WANTED THAT BLOW DRYER.

What really frustrated me was that I knew how much my daughter wanted it too. We had been talking about getting it since we learned of the sale and to find it free after Register Rewards was a sweet deal.

The sales clerk had been told that they were all sold out within a 10 mile radius. Now I’m contemplating never shopping at Walgreen’s again. There had to be only space for 5 blow dryers on the shelf and this is one of the main reason I had discontinued shopping at Walgreen’s before.

As I contemplated even purchasing my other items the store clerk found me and said “My manager said that you could choose any other blow dryer and he’d give you $10 off the price”.

The next best price for an equally comparable item was $14.99. Instead of paying $10 OOP and getting $10 in RR I was able to pay $5 OOP for a brand new blow dryer.

Would you have taken the trade off? Which do you think was the better deal…$10RR to spend at Walgreen’s or $5 still in my pocket to spend anywhere I choose?

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3 thoughts on “Walgreen’s One Day Sale Dec. 22nd

  1. I WANTED THAT BLOW DRYER TOO!!!!!!! I wish I would have been offered 10 off of another dryer, I most definitely would have gotten one! I am using a 20-year-old hairdryer that is drying my hair out terribly. Now I’m actually going to have to PAY for one. *sigh*



  2. Anonymous says:

    i wanted that blow dryer too! My daughter and husband went to different Walgreens today and did not fine a one. I showed up at 7:30am and was told they were still in the back. It burns me up they know when the ad will be out and what is on special. Why can’t they have enough items.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hmm…Sounds like you did just the right thing in snapping up the manager’s offer — though I do wonder if they sold short on purpose just to get customers into the store.


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