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Walmart this Week

I went to Walmart this week with the hope of getting everything on this list however the scanner at Walmart did not scan 25% of my internet coupons. I was not upset since I am aware of the Walmart coupon policy. I believe there was smething wrong with the scanner. It was having a hard time registering the newspaer coupons I used as well as the printed coupons. The cashier used the hand held wand to get the newspaper coupons to scan however she did take the same strides with my internet coupon.

This is just some of the roadblocks that you may run into while using large amounts of coupons. This the second time that I’ve shopped at this Walmart location and the same manager from last time was working. She does not have great customer realation skills and appeared to be grumpy both times I shopped. This time instead of letting her get on my nerves, I struck up conversation with her. I did manage to drag out a smile once in the I spent 15 minutes waiting to get checked out.

I find the time and headache that I spent in Walmart on this trip is not worth the savings. I did pretty well but ended up having the cashier void out about 1/3 of my purchase since the coupons did not scanned.

Here’s what I purchased…4 boxes of cereal
4 bags of veggie steamers
6 boxes of Sazon Goya seasoning
1 Betty Crocker 3 Cheese Potatoes
1 pk. Betty Crocker cookie mix
(2) 40 ct. Totinos Pizza rolls
(1) 32 oz. Progresso Chicken Broth
2 Glade Air Freshener Spray
(2) 10 pk. Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix
1 Vlassic Relish
1 cookies

Coupons would not scan for the following (15) items…

2 Preperation H portable Wipies
2 pks. of Bagelfuls
3 pks. of Chex Mix
3 pks. of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
3 pks. of Betty Crocker Potatoes
2 boxes of Chex cereal

In total I spent $22.25 for 26 items
Average price per item $0.86

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1 thought on “Walmart this Week

  1. Charlie and Andrea says:

    I just wanted to say hello, as this was the first time I have come by your blog! I came over via a link at Rocks in My Dryer.

    I am a mere novice in the use of coupons and have really enjoyed reading today – it was very educational!!!
    (Also, my google identity will link to an old blog. My current one is anniemm.typepad.com.)


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