$150 Pantry Packing Coupon Giveaway

This Contest Has Ended
I’m excited to announce my very first coupon giveaway! I will be giving away 125 unique manufacturer’s coupons with a value of over $150!

Many of the coupons will include duplicates. Using duplicate coupons when items are on sale is one of the primary ways that I have been able to stock my pantry.

For example, when Betty Crocker products are on sale buy-one-get-one-free I am able to stock-up because I have duplicate coupons.

Betty Crocker Brownies $2.29 ea.
BOGO Free they are $1.14 per box
Use (1) $0.50 off per box
pay $0.64 per box after coupon
Shop at a store that doubles coupons
which means
the coupon would be worth $1 off
making each box only $0.14 each.

With 7 coupons and $1 you could easily fill your pantry with 7 boxes of brownie mix.

This scenario will works for any item. In an effort to help you build your stockpile inexpensively I am going to give one lucky reader over $150 worth of coupons.

All coupons have an expiration date of February 1, 2009 or later. This is a great prize for experienced coupon clippers or newbies. You can earn up to 3 entries for this prize.

Easy Entry
1. rss+xml”>Subscribe to A Day In The Life Of… via email or reader or Follow this blog. Leave a comment below saying that you’ve subscribed or are following. Current subscribers and/or followers need only leave a comment saying you subscribe and in what format.

Bonus Entries
1. Post about this giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment with your site’s url.

2. Leave a comment with a specific do or don’t for someone new to couponing. Don’t forget to leave an email or way to contact you if you win.

This contest will end on Monday January 12 at 11:59 pm, central time. I will use random.org to select one lucky winner and contact the winner. (If winner does not respond in 48 hours, I will pick another.) U.S. entries only. Good luck and thanks for entering!


  1. Anonymous says

    Just found your blog tonight! I signed up to receive your email. I just started clipping coupons and need all the help I can get! Thanks for entering me in the give-a-way.


  2. Jen says

    Tip for couponing? Maximize the coupon value-look for stores that double coupons and then use those doubled coupons for things on sale-lots of times you can get items for pennies on the dollar, or even better-FREE!


  3. Tamara B. says

    I always keep a small coupon organizer in my purse and I always check for stores that double my coupons.


  4. Amy says

    Thanks for the bonus chance to win! My tip is to carefully keep track of all those “savings.” You can easily throw money out the window chasing all those “deals.” I keep track by blogging about my goodies (and then my husband reads them, so I also have accountability!).



  5. Alice H says

    Also my tip for couponing – tell the cashier right at the start about the coupons you’re using. I hate having them not believe I bought the product and going back through my bags to prove that I did. That doesn’t happen if I give them the coupons right away – thanks for the chance! alicedemske@hotmail.com


  6. Cindy says

    My advice to new coupon-ers is simply this:

    Don’t buy things you don’t need, want, or actually use just because you have a coupon and/or a sale price.

    cindy at fencedinfamily dot com


  7. noelswife says

    I am new to couponing.. But I have advice to other newbies.. find a coupon mentor :0) Talk to ladies who have been doing it and listen to them! Do as much online research as possible too!


  8. Carolyn says

    I have made the mistake since I am just starting out of not always having my coupons with me. Having to go to the store on the way home from work and having left my coupons on the table where I was working with them cost me some money.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com


  9. Joy says

    A coupon-ing tip: There will be coupons thrown away from time to time ~~ don’t use a coupon just because the expiration date is coming up ~~ use them wisely when combining w/ sales and stacking. Happy savings!!


  10. Pearlann66 says

    I am new to using coupons, so my advice to a fellow newbie is follow someone’s blog like yours because you have great ideas, that I would not have thought of myself!
    thanks for the chance to win more coupons!!


  11. Indubitably Mel says

    Even though I’m a newbie, my hint is to use shortcuts.com. You can load special coupons to your shopper’s card. These coupons will automatically be deducted when you check out. Plus, these coupons are in addition to manufacturer’s coupons–even more savings!


  12. Indubitably Mel says

    I am new to coupons. Thanks for your give away and hints! I just subscribed via bloglines.

    ruppmelissa (at) gmail (dot) com


  13. Amy says

    I just subscribed to you blog and saw your comment you posted on nickels-n-dimes in response to my “new to coupons” message. Thanks so much for sharing.


  14. Chelsea says

    Try to find a local group or club for frugal moms and/or couponing in general. My area has a website for frugal mothers in my area and always has great tips on what is on sale in my city and what coupons I can use there. (waterprincess812@aol.com)


  15. Chelsea says

    I have subscribed to your mailing list via email. This is such a great giveaway. I love saving money.(waterprincess812@aol.com)


  16. Anonymous says

    Something that I have learned about couponing is to cut every coupon, because sometimes it can be a money maker and that can go towards buying something else. Then, you could either give that item to a shelter if you don’t use it, or give it to a friend.


  17. ladyt64 says

    Make sure to get an organizer for your coupons so you can categorize them and not have a bunch of loose coupons to go thorugh to try and find the ones you need.


  18. Divamom says

    You know I’m one of your faithful subscribers and followers (smile), but here’s my link anyway:


    I noticed that here in Cowtown, Wal-Mart sells our newspaper as the double Sunday edition for $0.25 more than the regular Sunday paper. You get double coupons that way, which is great! Thanks for all the tips and the opportunity to win coupons! Luv ya!

    Be Blessed!


  19. Mrs. Tara says

    I get your new updates via email. I am newer to couponing but some of the best I have received are by emailing companies that do not post or have many coupons. I have received GREAT coupons via mail from them thanking me for using their products.


  20. Dawn Sodini says

    My tip is when attempting couponing do it with out the kids (ie. nap time). The 1st time I tried to connect coupons to ads it took about 2 hours.
    I am a regular reader and even my husband says he enjoys reading your blog over my shoulder.


  21. Hadias says

    Hey Tonay,

    Thanks for all of your support of ” A Day in the Life Of…”

    I can’t say enough about stores that double coupons. I have yet to find one close by me that will double over $.60


  22. Hadias says

    jj you have left a great tip. I wil be sharing more on how I make certain that I am organized at the register.

    Thanks for sharing.


  23. Hadias says

    Hello Pat,

    That has got to be one of the simplest ways to build your coupon stash. If they are using them they’d be glad to give them up. I get 2-3 sets of coupons from my MIL this way. She buys one paper and two of her clients give them theirs.


  24. Hadias says

    Vrable 50 fan I couldn’t agree more. I keep all coupons. By the way…you didn’t list an email address in case you win. Let me know how to contact you.

    Thanks for entering my contest.


  25. Hadias says

    Hey Tami,

    Thank you as well for your support. I can testify that allowing coupons to sit even two Sunday’s is asking for trouble. It’s amazing how quickly one’s stash can get out of hand.


  26. Hadias says

    Thanks for stopping by Colleen and for supporting my blog with your subscription. I couldn’t agree more with your tip. I cut every coupon even pet food and I don’t own a pet.

    If I can get it free I can always give it too someone.


  27. Anonymous says

    I sudscribe by email 🙂

    Couponing tip: Don’t get in the check out line untill you have all your coupons ready and organized. Boy have I made this mistake before and missed out on savings b/c i wasn’t ready. :)- jjcteach@yahoo.com


  28. Vrabel 50 Fan says

    I love your blog, I have it in Google Reader as well! The thing I learned is that even if I think I wil never use a coupon, don’t throw it away!! When I was still new to couponing, I made that mistake and then it went on sale and I could have got it for free for a food pantry or shelter!! I was mad! LOL So, always keep your coupons even if you think you won’t use it!!


  29. tami says

    mmmmm new to couponing-start off separating into categories right off the bat! don’t let them pile up in a box “til you get enough to get serious” mmmmm how do i know that? lol


  30. Colleen says

    I am new to using coupons but one thing I have learned quickly is to cut out a coupon if it is an item I use – even if it is something I only buy store brands of. Sometimes the name brands with a coupon and sale are as cheap or cheaper than generic.


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