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A Peek into Our Day

Today was our first official day back at school here at Concord Academy. I was really worn out after volunteering in my daughters class last Thursday, two hours of grocery and drugstore shopping Friday evening, and my daughters quiz meet all day Saturday. I normally go grocery shopping on Saturday but because of my daughters quiz meet I squeezed it in on Friday.

I didn’t make it to church Sunday morning for service or evening for the Sunday evening activities due to neck, shoulder and back pain. I didn’t realize that I had exerted so much energy during the end of last week.

I am feeling so much better today. The highlight of out Highschool day was job interviewing and sewing. My 15 y.o. daughter practiced hemming her pants. We practiced on a black pair which worked out great with camouflaging her crooked hemline. This was her first attempt at hemming.

Later in the day after academics were complete, I told my daughter that I needed to hire and assistant. I have been stumbling upon so many rebates and processing them is very tedious work. I told her that her job title would be a rebate processor and that her responsibilities would include preparing the rebates for shipment by scanning every item that will be mailed inside of the envelope. She would also fill out the rebate forms. Finally, she’ll submit them to me for review. Once everything is correct she will be paid 50% of every rebate. I used several of these interview questions and was pleasantly surprised to hear her answers.

I had the fun-nest day educating my son. We work on so many activities but I’ll share my favorites below.

He work on writing capital H properly from sheet #1. Lower case will be practiced tomorrow. We colored some of the images from sheet #1 that began with H. For sheet #2, we looked through magazines for images or words that began with H.He cut out 7 letter H images from the magazine and pasted them on sheet #2.

Wednesday we will add words that begin with H. We also played the phonetic game on the bottom of sheet #1 and got them all correct.

I had a new activity in mind that I thought would help him practice word and letter recognition. I wrote some words on a sheet of paper as shown below.

I then found some objects small enough for him to place atop of each word.

Since our letter of the week is H, I instructed him to place a colorful egg/oval on over each word that had began with H.

Below is a sample sheet

You don’t have to use colorful ovals, anything will work.
Small toys
Even macaroni noodles.

He loved this activity. This is an easy to make companion worksheet to help reinforce word or letter recognition.

I’d love for you to hear about a highlight from your day.

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